defendant’s services have sponsorship

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    Could you please explain the word sponsorship?

    Source text -
    "The defendant engaged in the deceptive practices by representing to the client that defendant’s services have sponsorship, approval, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits or quantities of which they do not have or that a person has sponsorship, approval, status or affiliation to such goods or services."

    One possibility from the Black’s law dictionary
    Sponsor means – a surety, one who makes a promise or gives security to another, particularly a godfather in baptism. In the civil law, one who intervenes for another voluntarily and without being requested.


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    In this context, I am thinking it means apoyo or respaldo, though I don't know that patrocinio would be wrong.

    I'm not sure how a provider of services would have sponsors, however. Maybe they mean false claims of endorsement, like "[Golfer] Tiger Woods gets full massages at our parlor every Sunday, and that's why he wins so many tournaments!"

    Or "Our patented relaxation techniques are used by many famous actors, including Harrison Ford."

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