defended his outreach

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The U.S. president also defended his outreach to the international Muslim community, calling the efforts "earnest" and sustained, but he acknowledged the effort would not completely eliminate decades of mistrust.

Hi! I am confused with this sentence.
What does "outreach" mean here? Why this "outreach" need to be "defended"? What does "efforts" refer to? Thanks in advance.

  • EStjarn

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    Why this "outreach" need to be "defended"? What does "efforts" refer to?
    This is how I understand 'defended' and 'efforts' in the topic sentence:

    The U.S. president had to defend his reaching out to the international Muslim community against those of his compatriots - possibly considerable in number - who oppose such an initiative.

    The use of 'efforts' should not, I believe, be interpreted as 'exertions', but as 'attempts'.
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