defense, which spiked duiring the Bush administration


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Mr. Obama will propose cutting a variety of programs, including the Medicare Advantage subsidies for insurance companies that cover seniors who can otherwise acquire health coverage directly from the government. Another target is spending on private contractors, especially for defense, which spiked during the Bush administration. And he will scale back some promises, including his proposal to double money for foreign aid.

Here what does the "defense" mean for? How did Bush deal with this probelm before? I'm confused. Thanks for reminding me.
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    Spending on private contractors, particularly those in the defense sector (the defense of the country: the military, war expenses etc), increased dramatically during the Bush administration. Bush spent a lot of money on them.

    Defense (or "defence" where I come from) is one of the areas on which countries spend their money. The budget is spread over such areas as defence, health, education and welfare.
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    "Defense" means for the military. In other words, under the Bush administration, spending on private contractors for military purposes escalated and Mr. Obama will probably target that as a cutback as one of the ways to reduce spending.


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    It means he will spend less money for "defense contractors". Defense contractors are private companies (civilians) which supplement the military in one way or another.
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