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Suppose we have some action that has been deferred (postponed) by some amount of time, e.g. deferred install or update. How should I call this time? "Delay" comes to mind first, but to me it sounds like something unintended, implying untimeliness.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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    Please give us the complete sentence in which you would use the word or phrase.
    There will be a couple of user interface controls in an application using that term:

    [x] Specify a [delay] ——— This is a checkbox, which user sets to indicate they want to defer the action by a specific time
    Comes into effect with a [delay?] of ____ (time units) ——— A field to enter the time by which the action is deferred.


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    I think delay is the best word. The context makes it clear it’s quite the opposite of unintended, since the user is specifying that period of delay.
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