deferred consideration (payment method)


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I have to translate "deferred consideration" into French but I have no idea what to say......

I know it's some kind of payment method by does anyone of you guys know what the French word for it is?

The phrase:
The rest of the amount is payable by deferred consideration over the following five and a half years, with monthly installments of US$ 1 million during the first year and US$ 2 million per month thereafter.
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    "by deferred consideration" appears to mean here "in instalments".
    "is payable as deferred consideration" would be "payable par versements échelonnés sur cinq et demie années".

    Also, "deferred consideration" and "deferred compensation" normally are not synonymous terms. The second one is narrower in scope and usually refers to salary and other compensation (in French: rétribution) paid to a high-level employee (such as an executive) where the actual payment is (usually for tax reasons) deferred till a later date.
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