define the sensory criteria satisfying the anti-aging percep

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Having developed its own questionnaire consisting of 32 sensory attributes, CHANEL Research implemented an international study in four countries (France, United States, China and Japan) and involving 960 women. The goal was to define the sensory criteria satisfying the anti-aging perception of a skincare product according to different cultures. Based on the questionnaire results, twenty textures were tested on 60 French and Japanese women.

Can someone help me to understand the main idea in this sentence: define the sensory criteria satisfying the anti-aging perception.

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    The skin care product was intended to counteract the effects of aging on the skin. It is hard to measure how well it does that, and it may not matter. What they measured, and what is more important, is how well women perceived it to counteract these effects. We may not know exactly what makes women think skin looks younger, but if they think it does, that's what matters.

    Chanel* Research wanted to find out which sensory (things that can be sensed - by sight, touch, or another sense) criteria (factors) led to this perception.

    *We would not capitalize the entire name in English. That is the practice in French. French speakers often continue this practice when they write in English, even if their English is excellent in every other way. It often a clue that you are reading something originally written by a native French speaker.
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