definite article+plural noun(the+plural noun)

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    Source:The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:
    [often passive] space something (+ adverb/preposition) to arrange things so that they have regular spaces between them:
    "Space the posts about a metre apart."
    the(definite article) 6 used before the plural of somebody's last name to refer to a whole family or a married couple:
    Don't forget to invite the Jordans.

    I've thought that definite article(the) before plural noun is not grammatical but the definition 6. However, as the+plural noun construction is used in the dictionary, is 'the+plural noun' construction widely accepted and used in BrE or AmE? If not, do many people think it is wrong?
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    Where did you learn the "rule" I highlighted in red? The words in it are red. "The" can be followed by a singular or plural noun in all forms of English.
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    Thank you. I learned it from some grammar books in Korea which covers English grammar and from sites appeared on Google when I searched 'comma and plural'.
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    Perhaps your grammar books are wrong, or perhaps you misunderstood them.

    Where the plural noun is a generalisation: no article. Clouds are formed by moisture in the sky.
    Where the plural noun is specific: an article. Clouds formed over the town; the clouds were dark grey.
    Where the plural noun could be either: optional. [The] Americans eat baked beans.
    Where the plural noun is an adjective without 's': an article. The French think baked beans are horrible.
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    Thank you for another piece of information.

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