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    This was probably changed since it is a surname.... I am looking for the translantion os what DeGolier menas in English.. I understand that it is a french surname.. Please help... trying to get the meaning before a wedding
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    There is evidence of the death of 2 persons called Degolier in Belgium between 1776 and 1825. there are a lot of Golier, Goliers, Golierd,...

    This name does not mean anything to me, but it may be a transcription of gaulier, from Gaulé, or Gaul:
    Nom rencontré dans le Pas-de-Calais et les Ardennes, présent aussi en Belgique et au Luxembourg. Semble correspondre au français gaule (longue perche), et pourrait donc être un sobriquet donné à une personne très longiligne. A moins qu'il faille faire le rapprochement avec l'allemand, où existent les formes Gohl (= chauve) et Göhl (moyen-bas-allemand gol = marécage).
    Name found in the Pas de Calais and les Ardennes (French regions, north and north-east of France), existing also in Belgium and Luxembourg. Seems to be from french gaule (long pole) and may be a surname given to a tall and slender person. Alternatively, one could also find an origin in German: Gohl means bald-headed, or Göhl means marsh
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    Here is a interesting site with links to etymology sites and also a funny site which allows you to see the number of persons in France who have the same name as yours and where they are.

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