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"He was told by some supervisor that all Barclays ATM cards are flagged in Thailand. Thailand being the number one hot spot for card fraud."

I looked "flag" up in my dictionary but I couldn't find a definition which fits this example.

What is the definition of "flag" here?
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    This is the best definition I could find for "flag" from

    2 : to mark or identify with or as if with a flag <flagged potential problems in the proposal>

    It means either "to note for further consideration", or "have notes or warnings raised against" (sorry not very good definitions, but the best I could do :))

    In this case, it means that all Barclays ATM cards have some sort of warning against them, and depending on context, could mean that they simply can't be used, or they would raise suspicions if they were used.

    Literally you could think of it as someone putting a flag on something, as if to say "Look at this! Look at this! There's something bad or suspicious about this!" (flag quite often has a negative connotation).


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    WR English definition:

    2 flag

    provide with a flag; "Flag this file so that I can recognize it immediately"

    Category Tree:change; alter; modifymarkflag

    This use means to mark something for attention.

    Oxford Advanced Learners Dict.:

    1 [vn] to put a special mark next to information that you think is important: I’ve flagged the paragraphs that we need to look at in more detail.
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