Definition of "immediacy behavior"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by dreamerinthedream, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Can anybody define "immediacy behavior" for me? Thank you very much!
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    Thank you for the heads-up! I thought without giving contexts, I might receive the feedback from different points of view and learn more about this term, but thank you again!
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    No, sorry, dreamerinthedream: unless you give us the context (and background) we really can't help you:(
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    The "immediacy behavior" is from the the study "Breaking the code of silence: a study of teachers' nonverbal decoding accuracy of foreign language anxiety" by Tammy Gregersen, University of Northern Lowa, where the anxious and non-anxious students were interviewed and videotaped, and the purpose of the videotaped interviews is for later to examine teachers' and trainees accuracy in decoding nonverbal behavior indicative of foreign language anxiety.

    "After a friendly greeting, the teacher(the interviewer) began the questions, asking for clarification when necessary, and maintaining positive immediacy behavior such as head-nodding, smiling and keeping an open body position."

    My question is, what kinds of behavior are considered "immediacy behavior" not only in this context but in general sense.
    Thank you very much!
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    From the International Encyclopedia of Communication

    I suppose that positive immediacy behavior is that which increases the closeness or the appearance of closeness between teacher and student.
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    Wow thank you, bibliolept! That is just so helpful. I had been googling the term for quite some time but failed. Thank you so very much!

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