definizione cromatica


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Hello everyone,
I'm translating an article which mentions the discovery of a royal Etruscan tomb in Tarquinia. It is talking about the frescoes, and the sentence is:
... superbamente affrescata con un bellissimo e raro intonaco ad ampia definizione cromatica che costituisce la più antica testimonianza di decorazione funeraria etrusca

This is probably a stupid question, but what exactly does the part in bold mean?
I always thought "definition" was used for words or for the clarity of an image (high definition), but here?
It is referring to colours (cromatica) and not the clarity.
Unless it's referring to the clarity of the colours? But what does that mean? And why "ampia"?
It sounds to me as if it's a "wide range of colours"? But I could be totally wrong:(
Any suggestions?
  • ad ampia definizione cromatica = i colori sono molteplici e molto netti, pieni, ben distinti tra loro e il disegno/affresco appare chiaro e ben definito nei dettagli