Degree of Equality in Adjectives

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    How to say "A is as tall as B" and "A isn't as tall as B" in Japanese? Please give the full grammatical form, don't omit anything.
    I'm trying to figure out the formula. Thanks in advance..
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    We all know this question contains too many topics, and I don't know exactly with what kind of problem you're stuck. Here I mention the most typical one: AはBと同じぐらいの高さである。AはBと同じぐらいの高さではない。(AはBほど高くない。)
    Don't forget the focal point anytime you see other variations (expressions). e.g. A, 1.00m = B, 1.00m. A, 1.00m ≠ B, 1.00m. (When they are 1.00m.)

    When A and B are persons, this 高さ can also be 身長, stature.

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