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    Hello, I still don't understand the definition of undergraduate/graduate definitions on the web/forums.

    I am a Spanish and i'm making a project about how is the teaching of the career that i'm studying around the world (California in my case, but i think it's simmilar to US). Here, in Spain, when we finish secondary school (at 18 years old), we go to college. There we study for 3/5 years, depending on if we want to get the medium-level or the high-level studies rank. When finish, we can extend our studies with Master/Doctorate degrees, wich take about 1/2 years of study.

    But i'm going mad when i read about North America studies. I only know there are 1) undergraduate degree, 2) bachellor (of/in X) degree, 3)Graduate degree 4)I have seen there are also Major and minor words accompaining to some careers. 5)Master/doctor degree.

    Could you help me with this? I am studying Chemical Engineery. Thanks a lot.
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    Hi Kikonenko:

    That's undergraduate.

    And that's graduate.

    Best regards
  3. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Here are a list of contrasting items:

    1. Grade/Elementary School/Primary Education= Colegio
    2. High School/Secondary Education= Instituto (intemediate en in English)/Bachillerato
    3. College = Universidad
    Licenciatura (Bachelor's Degree)
    Diplomatura (Associate)
    Formación Professional (Vocational Studies/Education)
    Undergraduate = Los cursos que se hace sin acabar los estudios o la carrera.

    4. Post-graduate - Post-grado
    Masters - Master
    Ph.D. - Doctorado
  4. kikonenko New Member

    Oh, thank you very much. I have now only one doubt. When are you undergraduate? A)When you have officially finished the five years studies and get a degree as undergraduate, or B) You are undergraduate while studying? (i.e., If i were studying a five years career, would I be an 'undergraduate' student, or i would be a simply student, and when i finished fifth, i'd be undergraduate?).

    Also, have the Associate degree the same function that in Spain? (an Associate as you say (here in Spain, is the person who has studied a 3 years career in college), can work independently, but sometimes works for his superior(the same career, but five years(the superior hasn't still done any doctorate nor master, only has studied two years plus of the same career than whom has studied three, obtaining a better knowledge and better capacities and legally capabilities of work, whicha 3d years career hasn't legally.).

    Thanks :)

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