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  1. skizzo Senior Member

    porto, portugal
    Does this verb have constrasting meanings, as in, to allow but also to stop?
  2. Carfer

    Carfer Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Portuguese - Portugal
    Yes, it does. 'Deixa isso!' is the same as 'stop it!, leave it!' but it also means 'to allow'
  3. patriota Senior Member

    Deixe a Maria fumar! = Permita que a Maria fume!
    A Maria deixou de fumar. = A Maria não fuma mais.

    Veja todos os significados em nosso dicionário:
  4. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Well, it can mean "allow", "let", "leave", "quit", "drop"...
  5. madame.walz New Member

    São Paulo - SP
    Brazilian Portuguese
    "Deixa disso.." (don't bother yourself/ forget it)
    "Deixa eu ver" (let me see it)
    "Deixa eu te ajudar" (let me help you)
    "Me deixa!" (Let me in peace)

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