Dejándose a salvo los derechos de la parte actora

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    Am I understand the meaning of this clearly? Is this reflected in my English translation? Spanish to English.

    Dejándose a salvo los derechos de la parte actora para que el momento de la audiencia de ley puedan hacer aclaraciones y/o modificaciones a su escrito inicial de demanda.

    Excluding the rights of the plaintiff so that during the hearing they may clarify or modify the initial written lawsuit, the aforementioned based on article 878, section II of the law regarding this matter.


    Or is it better to say "the rights of the plaintiff are being excluding..."
  2. begoaspi Senior Member

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    Dejar a salvo does not mean to exclude. On the opposite, in this case it means to respect those rights, to keep them from being violated.

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