dejar el pabellón alto/be proud of my friend


España, castellano
dejar el pabellón alto:

For example: if I have a friend who is going to England, i will tell him "deja el pabellón alto", it means that if he is going to have a fuck or other stuff do it properly, I want to be proud of you, and your girl has to be proud of your dick or Spanish dick;

or about drinking: "deja el pabellón alto" it means saw their your skills as a drinker

or about culture, ..., basically it means that we want to be proud of your spanish blood

thanks, I know that is a bit chiki? and weird, but... thanks

For English people, use that in Spanish, it is a very welcome, funny phrase
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    ón: Bandera de un país,de una región o de una institución:
    hay que dejar alto el pabellón de nuestro equipo.

    "Wave your banner high" (antiguo) - tradicional, literal
    "Show them what you're made of/Show them how it's done/Do us proud" (medio antiguo)
    "Put it/yourself right out there" (contemporaneo)
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