dejar ser a la expresión

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I was trying to translate this:

(A place) Where to follow what leaves a mark on me and to allow it to take a shape as it can, thanks and in spite of me. To reveal though my ability and clumsiness, through my determination and my hesitation, through the wish and difficulty to comunicate, though the balance between to intervene and to let the expression be, between to look for and to abandone, to controll and to allow, through the dialoge between pression and distension.

From here:
(Un lugar) Donde dar cauce a lo deja huella en mí y permitir que tome forma como pueda, gracias y a pesar de mí. Que se manifieste a través de mi habilidad y torpeza, de mi decisión y mis dudas, del deseo y la dificultad de comunicar, del equilibrio entre intervenir y dejar ser a la expresión, entre buscar y abandonar, entre controlar y permitir, del diálogo entre la presión y la distensión.

But i think it sounds very complicated, any suggestion?

Tank you!
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    Correbel, tal como habrás visto, no se puede corregir este texto largo.
    Si tienes una duda sobre una palabra o frase corta, por favor diganos y podremos ayudar.


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    One thing you should note is that infinitives in Spanish are often gerunds in English, as you can see from gengo's translation.
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