del cuento "nada menos que todo un hombre" por unamuno

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  1. srtakirby Member

    que significa la frase siguiente en ingles?

    Lo que hace falta es que ella no empiece a echarse novios absurdos, y que no lea esas novelas disparatadas que lee, y que no hacen sino llenarle la cabeza de humo.

  2. Bil

    Bil Banned

    English USA
    You will someday lose your beauty! And she would distract herself so as not to hear it.
  3. marcoszorrilla

    marcoszorrilla Senior Member

    Español - España
    Tu hermosura te perderá = Your beauty will ruin you.
  4. Bil

    Bil Banned

    English USA
    Ah, tienes razón, Marcoszorrilla: ". . . will be the ruin of you"/". . . will be your unmaking."
  5. Song Sprite Senior Member

    English, Canada
    I don't know for sure if I understand; my Spanish isn't very good. I think you are asking how to say "nothing less than every man" for unanimity, correct?

    You could say,

    each and every last one of them


    to the last man, they all

    or.... many other ways. If I knew the context better, perhaps I could give a better example. Are you talking about voting?

    Or... did I completely misunderstand you? ;) It's very possible.
  6. Bocha

    Bocha Senior Member

    What she needs is to get rid of those ridiculous boyfriends she has and to stop reading those absurd novels which are but confounding her mind.
  7. ieracub Senior Member

    Hi, Song Sprite,
    "Miguel de Unamuno" is a famous Spaniard writer who wrote the novel "Nada menos que todo un hombre".

    Unanimity = Unanimidad.

    Srtakirby is asking for translation of "Lo que hace falta...". This phrase appears in the novel.

  8. Song Sprite Senior Member

    English, Canada
    Haha, well, that gives you some idea how poor my Spanish is when I'm not looking up every second word. ;)
  9. Bil

    Bil Banned

    English USA
    Hola Song Sprite. El título del cuento, Nada menos que todo un hombre, no se traduce con facilidad—al menos no fácilmente para mí—al inglés. Si te dijera, "Eres toda una mujer," estaría yo diciéndote, "You are quite the woman," como si dijera, "eres sumamente femenina": ¡Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly y Madre Teresa a la vez! :)

    De lo que se sigue que el título se traduciría por algo así como Nothing Less Than a Total Guy.
  10. Bil

    Bil Banned

    English USA
    Hey, what happened to the original question in this thread? "Tu hermosura te perderá! Y se distraía para no oírla." :confused:

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