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    I was wondering, whether you would use the word "delay" in the hotel business language.

    The case is presented when the receptionist of the Front Desk of a hotel is about to make the check-in of a couple of guests, and sees that the room is not ready yet, and tells them, "Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker, your room is not ready yet. Let me call the housekeeper to ask her for a delay (i.e. the time when the room will be definetely ready)."

    My question is, do you use "delay" in such situations?


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    It sounds like the front-desk clerk is asking the housekeeper to delay making up the room even further - that is, not to make it up now, but to wait and make it up later than she would make it up otherwise.

    I'd say something like "... ask her when your room will be ready." Even if delay is acceptable hotel industry jargon for this, one should never use industry jargon when talking with customers who do not work in that industry.
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    No, we don't ask the housekeeper for a delay, unless we want to be in our room even later than it will already be.

    You would call the housekeeper to ask her how long it will be ... or to ask her to hurry up.

    Added: Cross-posted with Egmont, who would also not like to see a delay. :)
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    Alright! Thanks a lot then.

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