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Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by eduard85, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. eduard85 Senior Member


    I'd like to know how to say 'Delete account' (a website account) in Brazilian Portuguese, but I'm not sure which of these verbs works better in this case: deletar conta, apagar conta or excluir conta...

    Muito obrigado!
  2. Jabir

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    "Deletar" is a English word which was "aportuguesada", as we say, that is, adopted by Portuguese speakers thanks to the Internet.
    "Excluir conta" is your best choice.

  3. jonathantm92

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    1° The word "deletar" doesn't exist in portuguese, it's an assimilation with the word "delete" in English in which some Brazilians began to use it as a free vocabulary of its language.
    2° "apagar conta" is grammatically correct as well as "excluir conta", the both are two forms of saying the same meaning, feel free to choose anyone.
  4. FFonseca New Member

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    I would prefer "Remover conta" also.

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