"deliberately" vs "accidentally"


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There lived two sisters in a village. The elder one is hard working and the little one is lazy. After the work, the elder sister went to the well to wash her hands. So she sat by the well and began to wash her hands. While washing her hands, accidentally, she dropped the soap in to the well and began to cry. Some days later, the little sister went to the well to wash her hands. while washing her hands, she dropped the other soap in to the well so she could buy a new one.
there are two sentences below:
1. Accidentally, the elder sister dropped the soap into the well.
2. the little sister dropped the other soap into the well.
My question is that which one expresses deliberate intention here?
  • Hermione Golightly

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    Neither. You tell us that the elder sister accidentally dropped the soap. (Note word order).
    We know that the younger deliberately dropped her piece of soap because we read the story, but the sentence on its own does not tell us that.
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