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  1. Davidbahg Senior Member

    I like the expression: 'I'm delighted to meet you' but the context is very important in social expressions, so I have some questions:
    - It is polite to say 'I'm delighted to meet you' to someone that is being introduced to you for first time?
    - If you say 'I'm delighted to meet you' to a woman that you meet for first time, it means that you are particularly pleased to meet her? (Sorry, I don’t know if I made myself clear)
    - It is a little bit 'old fashioned' expression?
    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Mirlo

    Mirlo Senior Member

    Castellano, Panamá/ USA
    I think it depends in the tone.
    It's not very use, but I still hear it here an then.
  3. steemic

    steemic Senior Member

    Pitman, New Jersey
    English (US)
    Yes to say to someone I'm delighted to meet you is a little old-fashioned, but still commonly used. You could say that this expression is a sly, suave way to acknowledge your aquaintance.

    In your first example, it is ok to say this as long as you say it in a direct concise matter. However, "Nice to meet you" is more commonly used.

    In your second example, when you are being introduced to a woman, if you were to say this (especially in a rather suave tone), it would definitely set the tone that you mentioned (that you are particularly pleased).
  4. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    I would say: "It was nice meeting you" or "Nice to meet you".

    "I'm delighted to meet you" is too formal for U.S. English. Perhaps, the English speakers on the other side of the ocean might have a different opinion.
  5. steemic

    steemic Senior Member

    Pitman, New Jersey
    English (US)
    This would certainly not be inappropriate in the context of a nice dinner, a classy date with a woman, at a wedding, and in other formal settings. Don't be swayed into not saying this at the risk of sounding "geeky" or "out of place" because it is a nice expression and quite classy. If you like the expression, feel free to say it, but make sure it is within the proper venue.
  6. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    Even so. The times I've used "I'm delighted to meet you" in my life: 0. And times I think I've heard it: 0.

    I'm not saying it's grammatically wrong, but it is rather stilted and non-colloquial. I think you can say a few things in a formal setting.

    A pleasure. (with a nod of the head) (como "un placer")
    The pleasure is mine. ("el placer es mío")
    Nice to meet you. (equivalente a "mucho gusto")

    If you say, "I'm delighted to meet you," it's not wrong, and nobody will look at you funny either. It's just not colloquial-speak, and that is, after all, what we're trying to achieve here, ¿no? This is my humble opinion, of course.
  7. steemic

    steemic Senior Member

    Pitman, New Jersey
    English (US)
    I agree that those you listed are more colloquial. The original post, however, wasn't requesting alternative options, they wanted to know the connotation of the phrase I'm delighted to meet you in the above two contexts. I didn't want to disuade the original postee by giving him other options, when he clearly had a preference for this expression.
  8. Davidbahg Senior Member

    Although Steemic clarified the questions raised by me, the dialogue between Steemic and Bailarin provided a lot of context and was very helpful and illustrative. So many thanks to both of you!
  9. roanheads Senior Member

    Scotland, english
    Around these parts, we usually hear " pleased to meet you " , or " nice to meet you ", and occasionaly " delighted to meet you " perhaps in a formal setting, or when more emphasis is required.
  10. Davidbahg Senior Member

    Many thanks Roanheads.
  11. Dario de Kansas

    Dario de Kansas Senior Member

    Kansas, USA
    American English
    Same in the central U.S.
  12. Perseguir13 Member

    Buenos Aires
    English - American
    "Delighted to meet you" is a great way to say "Nice to meet you." It's just a nicer way to say it. People will find it very charming, even more so if you say it with a foreign accent.

    That said, I wouldn't ever say it to another guy. It may come off as a little gay. But to a woman-you'll be way ahead of the competition!
  13. Davidbahg Senior Member

    Noted! Addressing another man whith a 'Delighted to meet you' sounds weird and somehow gay, even for a non-native speaker like me. Many thanks Perseguir13.
  14. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay

    What about if a woman says it?
    a) to a man (is she insinuating herself too openly?)
    b) to another woman (is she a lesbian?)
    c) to the Queen...

    Do we have any sexism here?

  15. roanheads Senior Member

    Scotland, english
    ¿ Qué es lo que se oye en España al saludar ? A veces " mucho gusto" , pero la mayoría " encantado/a de conocer----"

    ¿ Entonces, es que existe tanta gente en España " de la acera de enfrente. ? " :)
  16. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    I do not agree. Stilted or formal speech between two males has nothing to do with the gay community and to think so is not only wrong but extremely ignorant. I am not gay but I have gay friends and they do not say, "I am delighted to meet you." I am offended by your comment.

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