delito contra la fe pública

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  1. Nadia Sofia Member

    Panama - Spanish
    Field and topic:

    Sample sentence:
    "delito contra la fe publica"

    your help in translating to english will be highly appreciated.
  2. Eugin

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    Hola Nadia!!
    nos podrías brindar la oración entera así sabemos un poco más sobre el contexto de la frase y podemos ofrecerte una mejor traducción?

  3. begoña fernandez Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Yo creo que se podría traducir como "crime against the notary public law", pero sin más texto no sé si ajusta a lo que se refiere el original..

  4. Nadia Sofia Member

    Panama - Spanish
    Civilians how have been condemned for felony against the property and against fe publica.
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  5. JB

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    1. Is the original in Spanish? The English should probably be "crimes against property,", not THE property (unless there is some larger context, like the propety of a particular individual.

    2. The literal translation is public faith. Í'm guessing public trust. It would be helpful to have a larger context, and in the original Spanish. If we were talking about the executives of Enron, who cheaped large numbers of people out of millions of dollars of retirement-pension income through their misuse of power, that would be a violation of public trust.
  6. j_sarra New Member

    Argentina and spanish
    In Argentina, "delito contra la fe pública" are the felonies comitted with public domcuments or so. I mean, "fe publica" would be the faith that public in general deposit on these type of documents. "Public document falsification" is one of those felonies...
    Maybe this helps to define how to translate "fe pública"...
    Anyone who now knows how to solve this problem, please email me the answer cause I need it as well....
  7. Dani California

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    Spain, Spanish
    Comparto el criterio de j sarra, delito contra la fe publica equivale, según mi entender, a un delito de falsedad en documento público, so its an "offence of falsification of a public document".
  8. javierpraca New Member

    Un Articulo Sobre delitos contra la fe publica :
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