delitos de asociación delictuosa y contra la salud

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    Hi everyone,

    This is from Mexican text and I'm a little stumpted. The text is concerning what an individual is being processed for in the US. I know that part of it is crimes against Health and Safety Code and the other is participating in criminal activity, but I can't seem to come up with anything that doesn't over-use the word "crime/criminal".

    "...processed for participating in criminal activities and crimes against health and safety codes."

    Any takers on this?

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    You can say "offenses against" or "violations of" health and safety codes.
  3. liza56 Member


    But what about "delitos de asociación delictuosa..."?

  4. Iuris Tantum

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    Los delitos contra la salud en México se refieren a drogas. Se especfican en el título Séptimo del Código penal Federal.

    Entre ellos esta la producción, transportación, tráfico comercio, suministro, precripción, introducción al país de narcóticos y sustancias prohibidas a que se refiere la Ley de Salud.

    Creo que en inglés debes decir: drug -related crimes

    Por lo que se refiere a Asociación delictuosa, creo que eltérmino es "Criminal street gang"
  5. liza56 Member

    Thanks Iuris,

    Yes, I think that first part is the tricky one but your term helped me out. How does this sound: "...participating in criminal gang and drug related activities."

  6. Iuris Tantum

    Iuris Tantum Banned

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    Debes tener cuidado, pues legalmente el tér,mino participar en este caso significa "cometer", referente al delito.

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