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    Is this an idiom or slang? What does it mean?
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  2. Aryamp

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    It could be "deliver a facial massage" or "deliver a facial treatment" or "facial expression" . It depends on the context.
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    Please give us the complete sentence, old5. Where did you see this? What else was happening? And so on.

    We always need Context and Background to be sure we are giving you the right answer, which is what we want to do. :)
  4. old5 Member

    Sorry, I just saw this in a game called PhraseS Friends, in which you guess letters from common idioms or everyday actions, I failed to guess this phrase "delivered a facial".
    So there is no context.
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    Thank you for the context. :)
    Here is the relevant meaning of facial in our dictionary:

    • [noun] a beauty treatment for the face, involving cleansing, massage, and cosmetic packs

    To 'deliver a facial' is to provide the beauty treatment described above. That might be thought of as an 'everyday action' by the people who designed your game.

    "Deliver a facial" may have acquired other meanings as well, but if it has, I don't know what they are. :)
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    "Deliver a facial" also has an idiomatic sexual meaning. I don't want to go in that direction if it's not appropriate, but I'm not familiar with this game at all so I don't know if it is or isn't. Can someone tell me if this game uses sexual phrases?
  7. old5 Member

    Thanks for your explanation.
    Got it!
  8. old5 Member

    Well, it's an iOS game. Search from AppStore with "Phrase Friends", then you can find it.
    I don't think this game uses any sexual phrases.
    Man, I almost understand your mentioned sexual meaning...
  9. dreamlike

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    At the risk of sounding filthy... that was actually my first thought on reading the phrase at hand. This strikes me as the langauge of the porn industry...

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