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I want to work in a shop and in the aplication form they ask me: [About your experience] When have you delivered/received great service? what did you do/receive?

I don't understand if somebody have a traducation or can explain me in other words... I would be grateful.
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    Here, great means exceptional. Great customer service means being treated courteously, with friendliness and attention to your needs in a shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.

    For example, when you enter a shop, great customer service might begin with the shop assistant/owner smiling in a friendly way, saying hello, and asking if she/he could help you. If you were looking for something particular, she/he would be helpful and answer any questions you had, but not be pushy or aggressive. After you had made your purchase, great customer service might be offering to gift wrap your purchase, thanking you and wishing you a good day.

    The application is asking what kind of experiences of great customer service you have received yourself and given ("delivered") to others, with examples.

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    No, no--thank you, andad! I got so wrapped up trying to write an explanation that I had completely forgotten that magic word: "customer" [service]! :)
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