delivered a monolog on <the track "Exist">.


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Does "the track "Exist"" mean "the recording tape name "Exist""?

In 2016, Tyson narrated and was a script supervisor for the science documentary, Food Evolution, directed by Academy Award nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy.[115] In the same year, Tyson made a guest appearance on the Avenged Sevenfold album The Stage, where he delivered a monolog on the track "Exist".[116] In 2017, Tyson appeared on Logic's album Everybody on the song "AfricAryaN"[117] as well as on "The Moon" on Musiq Soulchild's album Feel the Real.

Source: Wikipedia
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    I have not checked out the album tracklisting, but I expect that "Exist" is a track on the album. In ordinary terms, a "track" is a song or individual piece of music, but it could refer to an individual file in a digital recording or CD, and for some recordings the division (or not) into tracks can be quite arbitrary. One album I happen to have two copies of on CD has fourteen tracks on one copy but the other copy is just one long single track. The music is the same on both.

    It seems that Tyson speaks over the top of the music on this track, or perhaps the entire track is his monolog and there is nothing else, such as music.
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