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another weird metaphor from the Batman story I am translating. Be patient with me, the deadline is this Monday ;)
Anyway, the setting is Arkham Asylum where The Joker is giving birth to his new self (don't ask me how come, I didn't write the story):

...he wheezes, then cackles, then coughs, jazzing like a showgirl delivering a donkey onstage.

Does it really say "like a showgirl is giving birth to a donkey"? Although it is not any weirder than The Joker delivering... The Joker, I would still better ask you, native speakers, as I do not want to make my translation even more difficult to understand than the original.
I will be grateful for your comments and ideas.
  • morzh

    1. Delivering, even if used in connection with birth, is not "giving birth" but "assisting with giving birth". Doctors deliver babies; those being assisted (women, female doinkeys) give birth.
    2. I think it means something like, when during a show an animal (a donkey) is being brought to the stage from behind the scenes, it may be led by a showgirl, and she may be making dancing or some other playful moves while walking with or circling around the donkey.


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    Shorter OED offers Morzh's definition as the primary meaning, and in the interests of decency maybe we should assume that this is what the author meant; but it adds "give birth to" as a secondary meaning. As I see it, the choice is entirely in your hands, and it depends on whether or not you wish to gross-out your readers. To be honest, though, if a showgirl were to be giving birth to a donkey onstage, I would expect the sound effects to be rather more dramatic than wheezes, cackles and coughs.


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    Thank you, morzh and DocPenfro, it is a tough coice, though. I mean, throughout the story the author wanted to gross-out the reader, using the most shocking and repulsing metaphors he could think of. But you are right that giving birth to a donkey might be too much. I will have to think it over.


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    I think the clue may be "showgirl". They are often tasked with trivial or decorative jobs such as holding up a sign or bringing something onstage.


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    At the risk of being crude, it may be euphemistically referring to the type of "showgirl" who does "donkey shows". It's not a female donkey.


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    Thank you, Myridon, I had to look for "donkey show" in Wikipedia but the result was beyond my expectations!
    And thank you, pwmeek, for pointing out the clue.

    Hermione Golightly

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    I wonder what 'jazzing' means. Maybe everybody else knows? I am also wondering if whatever ( date?) is being translated would contain such an 'explicit' reference.



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    Before it meant music, jazz meant intercourse. Jazz (th music) started in brothels.



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    A quick internet search suggests that fans' opinions of this comic are divided. However, I found a comment that may be helpful:
    “I’m a cockroach! La Cucaracha! La Cucaracha! The pain is terrible! I want morphine! I’m having a baby!”

    Morrison describes the strange dance that the Joker here performs as “… jazzing like a showgirl delivering a donkey onstage”. Uh… what does that even mean?? [Source:]
    This suggests to me that 'deliver' means 'giving birth to'. Although I think that 'What does that even mean?' is a reasonable question, I think the comparison is intended to suggest grotesque and theatrical movements.
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