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  1. Áristos

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    Cieza (Murcia, España)
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    I'm waiting for a package to be delivered to my home (it comes from the USA). There is a web page where I can track the package and know where it is at any moment.

    It's already in Spain, but there is something I don't understand.
    It says:

    Feb 24 Delivery exception Location: Levante Details: Package at station, arrived after courier dispatch.

    What does that delivery exception mean?

  2. Poca Cosa

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    Florida, U.S.
    English - US
    Delivery exception is when FedEx couldn't deliver the the package. In your case, it's because the package arrived after the courier had already left. You'll probably receive your package tomorrow.
  3. Áristos

    Áristos Senior Member

    Cieza (Murcia, España)
    español (España)
    Oh!!! That really is a relief!
    It was so obvious but I couldn't work it out.

    Thank you so much.
  4. Nasif Nahle New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Yes, I am now in the same situation with FedEx. Thanks a lot!

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