Demande de réception

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Has anyone come across the above phase? We are being asked to complete a form to enable us to have our UK caravan immatriculated here in France. The phrase appears many times in the 8 page document from DRIRE eg: "Motif de la réception", "Demande la réception à titre isolé de mon véhicule suivannt:"
Any help gratefully received. Many thanks,
  • Quaeitur

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    I have looked at the "explanation" of the law (you can check it in French here), and what I got from it (apart from a headache) is that, since your vehicle is in fact an import, you've got to justify that it matches local regulations.

    I can't find of a good translation, but use "import" every time you read "réception" and it should make more sense.

    Motif de la réception = reason for the import
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