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R boselli

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Dans le film des Coen the big lebowsky, je ne parviens pas à comprendre les phrases "to flash a piece out on the lanes" , "to beat it out of him" ni les mots "creedence" (of a car) et "deadbits" (qui doit être une insulte...). Merci de me donner la traduction. Régis.
  • Welcome, R boselli,

    I would have moved your thread to the French-English forum for you, but there are several problems with the thread:

    1: the thread title must include the phrase from your question: for example, to flash a piece out on the lanes.
    2: you must include the context: the entire sentence that included the phrase, and a description of what was happening at the time.
    3: you may only post one question per thread. Please start a new thread for each word or phrase.

    Thank you. If this is not clear, please review the rules in French.
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