demanding audience's imaginary (how to fix it)


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I have a sentence quite complicated to translate, and I'm not sure if I succeeded to fix it properly :

"la improvisación les hace asumir el riesgo de llevar la música a los lugares más recónditos del imaginario del espectador más exigente"

I did this way :

"when improvising, they take the risk to lead the music up to the remotest corners of audiences imaginary, even the most demanding."

I thought it did not fit with a sequence like "remotest corners of the most demanding audience's imaginary" but I'm not sure which way would be better...

Thanks for your comments (and by the way if you could tell me if the whole sentence sounds ok in english, it would be great!)

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    Here's my attempt:

    Improvisation compels them to risk taking the music to the furthest reaches of even the most demanding listener's imagination.

    A little more context would be helpful.


    Français - Basse-Normandie
    Waow ! That's definitely a wonderful translation !

    Context is presentation of a new jazz album...

    Thanks so much, you're an artist!
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