demanding / fussy (exigente)


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Does there exist any difference between these two words or could I consider them to be completely synonymous?


I am very fussy about women/ foods/etc. Vs.

I am very demanding about women/ foods/etc.

Any comment will be greatly appreciated! Regards.
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    I'd say that, even if the 'end product' is similar, the connotation is completely different. Fussy = difficult to please, demanding = expecting a lot/ a high level.


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    I think that in this case fussy and demanding could be synonims but fussy is specific where as demanding has a more broad feeling to it and could mean many different things.

    Upon further thought I would venture to say that no they are not really synonyms


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    I think fussy goes more like hard to please (a difficult person for the sake of being difficult, nothing really makes you happy) like 'caprichoso' i believe.

    Demanding is more like exigente. You know what you want and have high standards.

    I think 'picky' sounds much better than 'fussy', and carries the same meaning as demanding in this sense (demanding can me other things).
    I would never say 'I'm fussy about women' (especially about women, suena fatal), picky, demanding, but not fussy.
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