"Demanding" is only negative?


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Hello to everybody,

in an official and sober company profile if I write that "The company aims to fulfill all customer requirements, especially the most demanding one" or "We are serving since years all the most demanding customer of this field" the adjective "demanding" would give a negative meaning to "customer" ??

And what about other synonymous as exacting?

Thank you in advance :)
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    Yes, it contains negative connotations when applied to a person. In your first sentence, though, I interpret demanding to modify requirements. That looks like a reasonably neutral description to me.

    Exacting when applied to a person is similar to demanding for me.


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    Yes, it does sound negative, although the first is ambiguous as it's not clear if the requirements or the customers themselves are demanding.
    You could say "aims to fulfill the most demanding of our customers' requirements."


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    A job can be "demanding and fulfilling". I am not certain if the "demanding" part is negative or if it is part of the "fulfilling" and thus positive. There are other "demanding and/but [insert an adjective] that are similar.

    My boss is demanding but fair and appreciates a job well done.

    This account is demanding but challenges my creativity.



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    Thank you all guys! I know I'm quite demanding but finally which word can I substitute with the "demanding" in my sentence? (..of course the London Calling version :D )

    I find "discriminating" quite strange as in Italian doesn't have the same use. It is totally suitable in English??

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    Discriminating suggests that your customer is intelligent enough to know a good thing when he sees it. Exacting means he knows what he wants (the best) and will not settle for less. Your choice, depending on what you mean or where you wish to lay your emphasis.
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