demanding to come out

Have I used "demanding for him to come out" correctly? Would it be better to use "demanding for his outcoming" or perhaps "demanding he shall come out"?

The Hells Angels on their impressive loud motorcycles have already been waiting for 1 hour in front of the pub, demanding for the Singaporean to come out to have a heated discussion with him. That's why he has now told the waitresses to bring cold beer and ice cream to the Hells Angels so that they can refresh themselves a little bit outside in the heat during the unnecessary long wait.
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    Yes, I agree with much_rice. A that-clause with the subjunctive works best (although in BE, “that he should come out” would be fine too). It’s preferable to “demanding for him to come out”.

    I don’t think anyone ever uses the word outcoming! And shall would certainly not be used to say that either.


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    I see nothing wrong with "demanding for him to come out" or "demanding for the Singaporean to come out ".


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    I didn’t mean to suggest it was wrong. Only that the other construction works better. There’s something about “demanding for” that grates a bit with me.


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    It grates completely with me.:mad: I would go so far as to call it wrong, or just this side of wrong if you think wrong is going too far.

    There are a fair number of examples in the COCA database (but hard to count, since they are mixed in with other uses, maybe 20 or 30), but they all sound wrong to me, too. The ones that don't sound wrong are using "for" differently, not directly connected to demand.

    ...exactly what the people of Maryland have been demanding for the last eight years.
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    The whole thing sounds contrived in the extreme, starting with the awkward language. Hell's Angels and pubs? Beer and ice cream?
    I suggest "demanding that the Singaporean come out" for the phrase in question.
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