Demanding vs On demand


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I want to say that a job is very popular and needed. Should I say it's on demand or demanding?
Is there a word for describing the opposite? I mean a job that is not needed.
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    The job is "in demand", teacherdehnavi. If you need to express the opposite idea, you can say that the job is not in demand.


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    Demanding = a difficult job

    On demand = you’re only needed when necessary (random hours / part-time)

    In demand = lots of people are hiring

    If there aren’t many jobs available in a particular field, you could say that job market is saturated.

    E.g. “The market for junior developers in New York has been oversaturated by boot camps.”

    This means “There are no junior developer jobs that are hiring right now in New York because too many people from boot camps are competing for them. The junior developer job market is saturated.”
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