demeurer d'une fraîcheur

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    Comment dit-on "ont défié les marques du temps" et "demeurent d'une fraîcheur et d'une beauté intemporelle" en anglais?

    Contexte c'est: Les oeuvres de ses principaux représentants, Johann Sebastian Bach etc., ont défié les marques du temps et demeurent d'une fraîcheur et d'une beauté intemporelle.

    J'ai mis: The leading composers, Johann...etc., defy the marks of time, giving us a chance to relive this period of timeless beauty.

    Aidez moi svp :) C'est pour un dépliant pour une orchèstre professionelle...
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    I think you're on the right track, but you could make your translation sound more English, and you haven't quite understood the meaning of "demeurent." "Demeurer" means "to remain," so we would say: "they continue to possess a timeless freshness and beauty." You could say "they sound as new and beautiful today as they did centuries ago." I don't think the idea of "reliving" is appropriate, though.
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    I was working on ,

    ... haven't been affected by time and have kept their ageless freshness and beauty .

    But I see Lucas-sp posted in the meantime ...

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