Demo mada amari genki-ja nai-no


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Portuguese (Portugal)
Demo mada amari genki-ja nai-no.

I've been trying to find the translation of this phrase at sites with short phrases, but I gave up. Could there be a misspelling somewhere in there?

Thanks for any help.
  • kikou

    Hi, Outsider :)

    There is no misspelling in your Japanese. :) Perfect :warn:

    The neutral sentence of this phrase is :
    でも、まだあまり元気(げんき)ではない /元気じゃない
    Demo, mada amari genki dewa nai / genki ja nai

    The translation of this phrase is :
    but I'm not yet very fine.
    pero todavía no estoy muy bien.

    See you :idea: