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    I have been wondering for a while now, if there is a difference between the words demo and dakedo.
    I have tried to ask these questions in other forums, but people have just listed other words meaning the same thing without giving me a proper answer.

    I would love to see the other versions of but as well, but please explain in which contexts you would use which word!
  2. luckyguy

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    Kawasaki, JAPAN
    In my case I use the both in same way & context.
    But Dakedo sends me a some feeling stronger and more formal, than demo, depending on person though.
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    I think of (だ)けど as "however", and でも as "even if/though". 90% of the time, they're interchangeable.

    A third conjunction, often translated "although", is のに. It's used to imply a contradiction between two statements.

    I believe it's possible to use けど to mean "and" rather than "but" under certain situations. It really indicates contrast rather than contradiction. It's also very common to end sentences with けど when speaking, softening one's remarks and making one sound more modest.
  4. luckyguy

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    Kawasaki, JAPAN
    I'd like to try to add some explaination.

    でも(demo) become into 4 types:
    1) a conjunctive particle: e.g.いやでもやらなければならない(I have to do it, even if I hate it),
    2) a conjunction(a contracted form to それでも(soredemo)): e.g.10時間寝た。でも眠い(I slept 10 hours, but sleepy),
    3) a sub-particle: e.g.水でも、いつでも、誰でも、子供でも....(even water, whenever, anyone, even child...), and
    4) other usage

    だけど(dakedo)[=だけれども(dakeredomo)] is a conjunction.
  5. maree Member

    Thank you for your help!

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