demonstrable adventure/purchasable coolness?

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I'm reading '100 Thing Challenge' written by Dave Bruno.

<The Patagoina brand persona, the countercultural dropout who
prioritizes demonstrable adventure over purchasable coolness, is the epitome of consumer irony.
It has become the go-to brand for those who are unbranded.>

Patagoina is against the culture.
It is dropout(=loser, jerk, outsider)
It think demonstrable adventrue important more than
purchasable coolness, which is irony.

I can't understand what does this mean.

Please help.
  • kalamazoo

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    Someone who is a countercultural dropout is not necessarily a loser or a jerk. It's someone who is opposed to mainstream conventions. They don't want to wear a suit and tie and sit in an office all day.

    Such a person doesn't want to purchase trendy brands to be cool, like Gucci sunglasses. They prefer going out and actually doing something adventurous, like biking across China.

    Such a person identifies with the ideals represented by the Patagonia (note spelling) brand.

    So the irony is that Patagonia becomes a trendy brand for people who are opposed to trendy brands.
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