demonstrating/ demonstrable

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We are looking for recent graduates with exceptional and __________ quantitative abilities and language skills to join our company.

A. demonstrate
B. demonstrable
C. demonstrating
D. demonstrates
I am wondering whether B or C is the correct answer. I think both of the answer might work well with the context but some people say a quantitative ability which can be demonstrated will suit with demonstrable rather than demonstrating. At this point, I need help.
  • Glenfarclas

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    A "demonstrating quality" would be "a quality that demonstrates." But "demonstrate" is a transitive verb (except in the sense "to protest publicly"), so that doesn't work -- it would require an object. The only remaining possible answer, as you say, is B.


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    The advert is for graduates with quantitative abilities, which does not fit the gap after and.
    You therefore need an adjective here, in this case demonstrable (which can be demonstrated).

    (cross-posted with Glenfarclas)
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