demonstration-scale fuel cells

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  1. rig29 Senior Member

    Arabic- No man's land
    Good morning all,

    I cannot neither understant nor translate the following sentence in all:

    About thirty different types of demonstration-scale fuel cells are sold by the cell store.

    Que veut dire: demonstration-scale fuel cells.

    Je sais que "fuel cell" est une pile à combustible.
  2. rosieg Senior Member

    Beirut, Lebanon
    England, English
    The size of the cells is perhaps not normal size, but big enough to test them. Is this possible in the context? It is unlikely if the store is a normal retail shop. Try running a search for (entre guillemets) "demonstration-scale".
  3. rig29 Senior Member

    Arabic- No man's land
    Thanks. I made a search, but did not find a significant piece of information.

    Plse any more suggestions folks on this thread.
  4. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    I think rosieg's explanation is correct. Can échelle be used for scale?
  5. rig29 Senior Member

    Arabic- No man's land
    Je crois que oui, car échelle fait référence à la graduation dans l'appareil de mesure indicateur.

    Who knows:)
  6. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    "pile solaire de démonstration"

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