denizens of greatness.


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Here is the original: "We are not just employees, as Philip once said. We are denizens of greatness."

For the above sentence, what does denizens of greatness refer to?

Does denizen mean representative/table/standard bearer in the figurative way?

Source: Moive Elizabethtown

Thank you.

  • dojibear

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    A "denizen of X" means "someone who lives in X". Synonyms for "denizen" are "resident" and "inhabitant".

    So he is saying "we are living in greatness", whatever that means. If there is any clue to his meaning, it is elsewhere in the movie.

    I see no reason to think it means representative, standard bearer or table(?).

    The Newt

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    "Denizens" means residents / inhabitants, so it's not really appropriate here, unless you think of "Greatness" as a place.
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