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    how would you translate the whole sentence or at least part of it.

    En linguística se denomina competencia linguística al conjunto de conocimientos que permite al hablante de una lengua el comprender y producir una contidad infinita de oraciones gramaticalmente correctas,

    my try. in Linguistic, linguistc competence .........................the group of knowledge which enable the speaker of a language to understand and produce an ................... amount of gramatically correct sentences.

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    In Linguistics, "linguistic competency" refers to the body of knowledge that...

    In this forum, we focus on translating words and short phrases. Since your thread title contains "denomina", my attempt at a translation is focusing on that part of the phrase.

    For future reference, please keep in mind that correct use of capital letters and punctuation is mandatory in this dictionary forum.
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    thanks a lot.

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