denounce, disadvantage, shameless

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can you please provide me with non-literal phrases (idioms, proverbs) that can be used for these words: denounce, disadvantage, and shameless.

how can these 3 words be said in english? ways of saying these words?
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    Your best bet to do this is to use a search engine like Google to find phrases in real use which you can look at and develop your sense of how these words are used. Then ask us if you don't understand anything that you find


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    Hello, Subhano, and welcome to the forum. Things operate a little differently here.

    Please take a moment to read the rules and guidelines for this board and the guidelines for this forum.

    In particular, we do require only one topic per thread. You have asked about three different words. As suzi_br said, you may open separate threads for each word as long as you are not asking to violate rule #5: no homework. :)

    Also, provide as much background and context as possible. The forum is here to answer questions about usage of words and phrases but not generally to generate examples of word usage for people with questions. Find a few examples of use and post them if you have a question.
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