French base depareille = unmatched, unparalleled

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your message. None of the current French senses of dépareillé lend themselves to a translation of 'unmatched, unparalleled', so I'll pass this to our FR base to see if there are any senses to add.

    @Lacuzon ?

    Well, to me the French first sense matches with unmatched. To me chaussettes dépareillées = unmatched socks. Meaning not belonging to the same pair.

    However, dépareillé does not mean unparalleled.

    Have I missed something?
    Only that unmatched is a synonym of unparalleled. We don't say unmatched for things that don't match. Chaussettes dépareillées are odd socks or mismatched socks (or possibly just socks that don't match). So, if dépareillé cannot mean unparalleled, there's nothing to add. Thank you!
    The adjective 'unmatching' exists for things that don't match, but I can't say I've ever heard anyone use it (it sounds weird to me, and if someone said it, I'd think they had made a mistake!).