depart from the script that drives many private sector lobbies


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From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

The story also pointed out that most big cities and towns have chambers of commerce and economic development offices, but
what makes Itasca unique, participants say, is a commitment to hard data and McKinsey-style analysis, as well as a willingness to depart from the script that drives many private sector lobbies. “We’re not just asking for lower taxes and less regulation,” said David Mortenson, the current chairman of the Itasca Project. “If we’re taking on education or income disparity as a group of business leaders, we want to be able to break some eggs.”

Does the bolded phrase imply that private sector lobbies act in accordance with some official documents/instructions and Itasca wants to depart from them (official documents/instructions)?

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    No actual documents, but they tend to do the same things in the same ways, as if they were following a script. Itasca are willing to try other methods and topics.
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