Department store, Shopping mall, Convenience store,...


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Can somebody help me tell the difference between these?

Department store
Convenience store
Shopping mall
Super market

thanks so much in advance
  • sundreez

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    Department Store - A large store divided by departments, each specializing in a different product. shoes, apparel, sports, ect.

    Conveniance Store - A small store that sells small personal sized items such as candy, newspapers, coffee, and similar items meant for quick use. For your conveniance.

    Shopping Mall - Is a collection of different stores under one roof.

    Supermarket (one word) - Is a larger type of conveniance store, but the items it sells are meant for later use. It generally sells food plus items used in the home. By later use I mean it is for stocking your house, your fridge, medicine cabinet, ect rather than for immediate use (conveniance store).

    Hope this helps.
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