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    Hi everybody,

    Can somebody explain to me what "deppassivate" means within the following context??:

    The tool has the ability to beb run at temperatures higuer than 150 degrees (Celsius) thus creating a higher potential for battery failure due to extreme temperatures. High capacity batteries and specially High Temperature Batteries should always be depassivated.

  2. nsv Senior Member

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    Hola Iseo

    I think you are dealing with something very specialized. People who design batteries for 150°C tend to invent their own vocabulary with its own specialized meaning. I am quite well into electric matters, but I would need a lot more of the context if I were to explain it and even then there might not exist one single word for translation.
    But why worry? If the term is invented you just invent your own spanish version "...siempre deben ser despasivadas"


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