depend on/ hinge on/ bank on / rely on

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  1. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Can anyone out there explain to me the difference between
    depend on/ hinge on/ bank on / rely on ?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    Depend on, rely on, can be people on other people.

    Hinge on, is one possible result depending on a prior state of things.

    Bank on, is to count on something to provide a certain result, and having something riding on the result, like money

    Really, I feel kind of dumb answering this way, like I´m making up contexts or something, why don´t you expend a little bit of effort and provide some context of your own?
  3. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Sorry, you re right: i ll make up the contexts myself

    1) she s a very dependant girl, not only does she depend on narcotis, she also heavily depends on people.

    2 ) She relies on me as I m always good to her ( confide in me )

    3) If bank on is to count on as you said: can you say:
    bank on me, I ll stand by you ( instead of count on me ) ???

    Question: for "hinge on" and "bank on", can you use them instead of "depend on" ?? First example

    This is from the NY Times:
    Darren Blake, Gretzky’s personal business manager, said that much about the franchise’s future hinges on continuing negotiations for a rewritten arena lease ... ( this example fits your explanation of " Hinge on, is one possible result depending on a prior state of things."
  4. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    Some of these expressions make sense to the degree you allow the words to mean for themselves.

    What is a hinge? a bisagra, gozne ... it connects one moving part to another and allows movement in a certain direction .... that movement isn´t possible without the hinge-instrument between the two parts

    Bank on, I think you need to understand it as meaning, count on, but you´re betting the bank on it. So number 3 your example doesn´t strike me as quite true.

    Gretzky´s agent was banking on the Hockey Association to adopt a new set of rules. (He´s expecting to perceive some benefit there.)
  5. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Thanks, now it s even more clear. That hinge explanation makes it more simple to understand.
    How about lean on and hang on ?

    as in ...I m leaning on this job as the only source of income. Does it make sense ?

    how about
    ...I m hanging on this job as the only source of income. Does it make sense ? ( I don t mean "hang on to" as in "hold on to" but as in depend on something )

    Thanks a lot again
  6. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    Generally we lean on other people. Not inanimate or abstract objects.

    Hanging on is not used in that sense. Hang on TO something for dear life, but not hang on, a secas
  7. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Thanks again
  8. Mimae Senior Member

    English, US
    Since this thread is in the English-Spanish translation forum, how about a translation for "to hinge on"? Are there any possibilities other than "depender"? For example, in the sentence: "The case hinges on her testimony."

    El resultado del juicio depende de su testimonio???

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